Monday, August 25, 2008


The Olympics have come and gone again. The determination and courage that the athletes have shown is truly amazing. My mom loved the swimming and the track/field stuff. She would stand up and get excited when the races were close and it would make me bark thinking about running around. My mom says I'm a hero and she made a video about me when I was sick. She named it "courage" and posted it to my friends. I guess I made a lot of friends at agility trials over the years because mom had my strangers and old friends ask about me over the last two months. Mom has promised me that I would get to go visit when I am much better to repay all the good wishes from everyone. I am proud to be an American but like the "GO WORLD!!" theme. Have a great day!

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The Hadfields said... first it looked like he was trying real hard to ignore you. That hat cracks me up!!