Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Post

Henry's my name, agility's the game... or so it was as I am enjoying retirement. I live with my family in Western Kentucky with my human mom and dad, and my canine family of 8. We drive our humans crazy some times but most of the time they let us do all kinds of fun things.

In the photo is my best friend "Sugar" the GSP. They call her the "Princess" but as you can see she loves me the best.

I know alot of human words so my mom has to spell them at times because I get really excited. My favorite are "GO, big water (ie game preserve lake), kennel club and cookie).

Unfortunately, I black out from time to time. My mom who is a nurse says that it is epilepsy. I have to take a pill every day which I don't mind too much as I get my own special peanut butter and then take a nap for a while.

Have some patience with my mom as she tries out my new blog. I'll be back with more stories about my family (human & canine) and adventures in life.
Henry V


Amy said...

Oh yay!! I love Henry!!

Patience-please said...

Welcome to blog land, Henry! There's a great group of us and you can join at
We'll tell everyone about your blog!

wags from the whippets

Gus said...

Hiya Henry..Patience and the Whippet Waggle sent us! We're here to say "How y'all, y'all" we live in Tennemessee, and we're just learning to speak Southrin. But we did notice that the lady singing about her doggie manages to make some clearly southrin rhymes.

Hey, Y'all best run on over to and join up! We got lots of fun stuff, and it doesn't cost any gas! Tell them Patience and Muzzer sent ya.

Eight of you, huh. How come not nine like Patience?