Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Christmas has come and gone again. It has been wild weather here.... cold one day...73 degrees yesterday with violent storms last night and now cold again!!!!

I had a great day with my family on Christmas. Dad made some awesome smoked ham and shared with me and the gang. Mom and Dad went to the movies in the afternoon to see the release of Marley and Me. Mom could not stop hugging me when she got home....

My "aunt" Patience picked me as Pet of The Week for I List. Mom sent the link to her dog friends and they wrote back lots of nice things about me. Thanks Aunt Patience for a great article. I am honored to be amongst your finest especially my good Friend "Frodo" who is a "survivor" as well.

Happy Holidays Friends!!!!!!!

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The Hadfields said...

Great picture of Hen-Hen. Glad the boys and girls had a good Christmas!! :) Happy new Year!