Saturday, November 22, 2008

One World Run

photo - mom and "Jack" CH Hit The Road Jack II CGC OA NAJ NRD-

Mom and Jack participated in the One World Run today in Paducah. Proceeds benefit AIDS Orphans in Africa. Jack was a good dog as mom wanted to walk most of the way. Jack got lots of applause when he and mom crossed the finish line. I think it reminded him of his "show dog days" as everyone said how handsome he was and he was struttin' his stuff! He's my good friend and a good walking partner for mom. They announced that proceeds that were made would benefit 40 children for a was a good day...
Here is a link to the project :

Here's a view of the fountain at the park and more than 1/2 through the 5K walk!

The Finish Line is within view!!! GO JACKPOT!!!

Registration booth and COOKIES!!!

My "Aunt" Cathy and mom getting ready to go.


Amy said...

Jack is so handsome, I love his camo outfit!! :) I bet you froze Martha, but what a great thing to do!!

Patience-please said...

Oh we toatlly were going to do this, and our idiot servant forgot to take us there.
Glad you went!

trying to wag, we're the whippets