Thursday, November 13, 2008

AKC Launches Marley and Me Campaign

AKC launches a new video and press release on upcoming Marley and Me movie. Hopefully this will educate folks that Labs aren't for everyone. We grow up from the adorable little furball to a large adult dog that needs and wants lots of exercise, likes to chew a lot (see previous post on brother Wilson). My mom says us labs are three year olds in furry bodies.

Here is a link to the AKC press release-


with love, Madison said...

Marley and Me was filmed right by our house! Man-Dad used to have labs and he agrees - they can be a handful but they are wonderful dogs!

Amy said...

Did you see Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson on Oprah yesterday?? They showed several clips from the movie and it looks like it's gonna be so cute!! They all talked about how much they love their dogs and it made me think about your mommy!! :)